strong zoot
"make it buff"
by Anonymous July 18, 2003
sepher. hes so buff. he does 50 kg reps. what a hard cunt
1"i was at the gym today."
2"oh yer cool"
1"yer man i was doing a sepher"
2."being a bitch?"
1"nah being buff"
by fuckkob January 27, 2009
look at that buff girl.
by ashley f March 19, 2003
Butt Muff.... a very hairy anus
Thats the biggest buff i have ever seen!
by Eric February 01, 2003
vampier shit.... bong
also vamper shit
by super pooch January 24, 2004
1.give head give oral sex
3.give brain
That bitch cristina BUFFS
by BABYKING 516 May 06, 2007

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