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An overly good looking specimen of an anatomy.
You're walking in peckham(LONDON) and you see a girl with a No.8 figure you just wanna bend over quick ting. She's buff!
by Ivy-weed G October 27, 2003
7 11
Buff(n.)-Buff is the noun used only for female excrement. Buff means female excrement,female shit.or if any girl is shittin then we can use it as verb.like,"Ol,look at that girl she's buffing"!
Buff(v.)-Buff means to shit.(only for female)
"Oh,I couldn't see that the bitch was buffin' hurr"!
by Layzie Buck April 28, 2011
1 6
Noun: head, blow job, oral sex performed on a male.
Verb: to buff- to perform oral sex on a male.
to COP a buff- to recieve oral sex.
"I was at this party last night and this random tossed me a buff"
by Buffmeup February 16, 2008
6 11
buff means to clean, ---
to clean is to buff, a bull scare is a strong bluff
by Big L, flamboyant for life December 23, 2007
0 5
(adj) Big Ugly Fat Fucker, originally used for the B-52 in Veitnam but it can be used for anything large and asthetically unpleasing.
Damn! Look at that fat bitch, she's buff.
by bigpapa1080 September 29, 2004
8 13
A.C slater
saved by the bell
by screech March 02, 2004
7 12
A house where men can visit prostitutes.
Tell your mum you have an appointment in a buff so we can get drunk!
by Frank993 November 24, 2007
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