Big (bitch) and Ugly Fat Ass.

a fat girl that has a mean attitude, or that is always eating.

not necessarily body fat, but with a fat attitude.
when u see a fat girl eating, thats what u call her.
dam fattty, shovel it in fat ass, dam BUFA
by suzya April 25, 2010
Top Definition
2.a portuguese word
3. also related to in a sense to merda
OMG did you hear that? Mike just did a nasty bufa, ehh it smells soo bad!
by chamassa December 14, 2006
(pronounced boo-fuh)
mean &/or not cool
1. Scott is being bufa 'cause he keeps reading over my shoulder.
2. My stomach is being totally bufa 'cause it's growling.
by Yoda the Veg May 19, 2007
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