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A hickie which is potent enough to draw blood. Not usually implied with negative connotations, but rather overstimulation. Originates from Canada.
"Are you sure you're so into biting?" "Yes, I love my bucky."
by ShortyBobby January 03, 2013
Another word for Northern Vietnamese; derived to describe northern dialect
Bucky's have a different language dialect as to southern vietnamese.
by Dich Moang October 23, 2003
A person who is crabby or annoyed and being difficult to the people around them.
Person A - "Hey, can you help me?"

Person B - "No, I'm tired and not in the mood for this shit."

Person A - "Wow, why are you so bucky tonght?"
by A Dubbs April 23, 2009
To do a Bucky is to adopt a false persona in order to conceal one's homosexuality. Named after the fictitious, gay cowboy H. C. G. J. Bucky who believed that raising a ruckus would divert attention from his true nature.
That chap in the stetson keeps talking about hookers and blow. Is he demented?

No, he's just doing a Bucky. He's really as gay as a party frock.
by Version2 September 25, 2010
short form for buckets.
Reilly: It was so hot at that dance last night!
Dave: Man I was sweatin buckies!
by casscontagious November 01, 2009
A slang word for the Starbucks.
"Hey guys lets go stop at Buckie's because I'm really in the mood for a coffee."
by Noah T. Wilcox February 07, 2009
Keys on a computer keyboard... such a control, shift, alt, meta, etc. Any key that is held before hitting another key. Origin... MIT I believe.
Control-Alt-delete... is a double bucky keypress. Two buckies.
by Wingleberry January 20, 2014