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1. The act of being overly excited and/or annoying. Hyperactive.

2. The act of purposely disobeying the requests of others to cause agitation.

3. Temporary burst of bent up energy causing care free and crass actions.
Justin, calm the fuck down you spaz, you're getting all bucky on us.
by Banky December 15, 2002
11 17
A nick name used in a elderly cartoon show that didnt air-on-television-tubes for very long, "Bucky O'Hare".
The show was based upon a Green fur coloured JackRabbit like Rodent, named Bucky O'Hare, the T.V. show aired for about 1 years, almost making 2. This bunny was playing a role of a Law Enforcement officer in space, with a merry crew to aide/assist him. The time aired was around 1989-1994, going on this reporters' stressed out and unimportant momeries of recollection.
there is no example to give onto this deffinition due to the fact it is a "Nickname"-Bucky in a Television show cartoon, based on the main Star/Character of said show.
by Maurice Clarence Jr' Cormier January 16, 2008
2 9
That stupid looking dork that your ex-girlfriend is now dating and swears is the greatest guy in the world.
" What the hell, Jimbo? You musta been a real prick to her, check out that fucking Bucky she's with now!"
by Dixon Syder March 17, 2007
12 19
When some makes a good shot usually basketball but it can apply to other things too, comes from shoot paper into a waste basket, bucky (bucket)
You a make perfect shot- "Oh Buckies!"
by popeyesisdashiznit October 25, 2006
1 8
pet name for bucket bongs
plural = buckies
q-what are u doin tonight?
a-gonna get on the buckies and go to see Xmen2
by karlos karlito March 25, 2004
11 18
Bucky-someone with large buckteeth that friends make fun of...
BJB has very big buckys..
B-rabi buckys are huge..
by Brannon Banks September 25, 2006
6 14
Another way of saying "Buck" as in buck naked.
I want my bitch to get bucky naked.
by IceWarm February 24, 2004
11 19