Abbreviation for Starbucks, usually used by retarded LA chicks. You know the kind...
"So, I like totally have a crush on this guy that works at Buckies, he's like so hot it's ridonkulous."
by FaceJobs March 25, 2007
Keys on a computer keyboard... such a control, shift, alt, meta, etc. Any key that is held before hitting another key. Origin... MIT I believe.
Control-Alt-delete... is a double bucky keypress. Two buckies.
by Wingleberry January 20, 2014
A slang word for the Starbucks.
"Hey guys lets go stop at Buckie's because I'm really in the mood for a coffee."
by Noah T. Wilcox February 07, 2009
perhaps the strongest person in the entourage as well as the meanest. ALthough he could use his physical strength to take advantage of his freinds he uses hurtful workds. his facial hair is admirable even thoug at times he cud be a huge asshole. hes afraid of bees. favorite sport ios squash
man that guy is such a bucky.
by the fantastic minister February 02, 2010
1. The act of being overly excited and/or annoying. Hyperactive.

2. The act of purposely disobeying the requests of others to cause agitation.

3. Temporary burst of bent up energy causing care free and crass actions.
Justin, calm the fuck down you spaz, you're getting all bucky on us.
by Banky December 15, 2002
Crazy or odd. Although the true meaning lies soley in the person who is saying it.
You get quite bucky when you're tired.
by umlikewhatever December 16, 2010
to 'pull a bucky' is where a person becomes quiet and withdrawn, when he is in the presence of someone they do not know, do not like or are intimidated by.

the person who is on a bucky will commonly just reply with one word answers, and may become pale, and if they are under the influence of cannabis, and the person who is causing a bucky is present for a prolonged amount of time, the bucky may progress and develop into a classic whitey situation.

the feeling of being on a bucky is usually unpleasant
grem came down and i just went on a bucky
by McShuLad April 28, 2010
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