A suburban community within the city limits of Atlanta. Supposedly populated by Southern families with inherited money, but the reality is that Atlanta has never had much inherited money - or very many real Southern people, come to think of it. Regardless, the neighborhoods around West Paces Ferry are easily the richest in the metro area, and are home to at least a couple of billionaires that I can think of.

Apart from its residential districts, Buckhead is also known for its flashy upscale commercial side, from the expensive office space to the glitzy shopping on Peachtree.
Guy: I have a condo in Buckhead.
Girl: Wow, isn't that where classy people live?
Guy: I'm an idiot black guy who went to University of Florida, and I drive a car I can barely afford and I wear shiny clothes when I go clubbing. I think that I've 'made it' in life by taking out a mortgage to live in some bland high rise in a declining condo market. One day I will have kids and realize that I can't afford to send them to Pace, so I will move out to North Fulton and live in a Mexican-labor-built McMansion and send them to public school.
#nouveau riche #atlanta #flashy #fake #white
by king and spalding February 21, 2009
Top Definition
In Atlanta, Georgia

Where old money lives, and new money parties.
Mother and Daddy have inherited Grandmother's home in Buckhead.
by Buckhead Betty April 17, 2005
In north atlanta,

The most preppy,luxurious,wasp part of atlanta. It is known as where "Old money lives and young money parties". But if i can please ask if your ghetto or trailer trash dont go up there. The locals dont want u up there and you dont belong. Its mainly a place for the preppys and rich of georiga. It is known for its expensive malls (lenox square, phipps plaza) large homes, and great resturents. Its a great place to be if you have some money otherwise you will most likey have a misrible time.
Buckhead Atlanta, Georgia, 30305
#preppy #wasp #north atlanta #rich #old money
by JonnyWA September 17, 2006
A rich, white place in North Atlanta, Georgia.
Big difference between BUCKhead and BANKhead
#atl #atlanta #dirty south #hotlanta #tha a #a-town #crunkville
by Jersey kid February 13, 2008
The more elite community of ATL,known for its mansions and rich families. Contrary to popular belief, not all of buckheads offspring are stuck-up name brand addicts. I would know.Though many kids to go to private schools like Westminister and Lovett, there is also a large group at the suprisingly good group of public scools like SMS, and NAHS. It has many great restaurants and excellent shopping. I love living in buckhead!
#30327 #30305 #peachtree #northside #bankhead
by ladychacha905 April 25, 2009
A section in northern Atlanta that is filthy rich, but has some parts that are richer than others. Full of hot people, huge houses, and awesome cars.
You live in Buckhead so you must be loaded!
#rich #cars #mansions #designer #lenox #phipps
by mjatl00 December 25, 2010
what a person has when their fore-head bulges out infront alost passing the nose
"that boy in that Gummo movie has got a buck head"
by Mo Money March 04, 2005
A derogatory name for someone addicted to Starbucks coffee.
She is such a buckhead she spent her whole paycheck on a couple cups of coffee.
#bucktard #iambuckhead #yourabuckhead #everyonesabuckhead #wesall buckheads
by "little guy" Lucas March 12, 2014
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