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A sweet and affectionate term for a loved one (generally male). A Bubsy is some one you can always count on, trust completely and love unconditionally. The one your meant to love, be best friends with and cherish.
How are you today my little bubsy?
by Shell Maynard May 18, 2006
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A person who is always there for you, no matter what. Someone you will cherish for always, love forever. Someone with whom you have had your ups, your downs, but have made your life that much better.
I cannot live without my Bubsy
by Bubba88 August 29, 2014
To cause a roll up cigarette or similar device to burn unevenly or "side burn".
No further smoke is able to be extracted from the implement for a variable period of time after 'bubsying' has taken place.
"aww you totally bubsy'd the rollie man"
by Professor Peanut October 19, 2013

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