To ride around the dirty in a bubble, usually with no particular destination. This aimless activity usually includes smoking blunts and sippin' on drank.
Around the way, when shit ain't poppin off, the dope boys jump in the Caprice--steady bubblin' maan.
by C-Murdah April 01, 2007
Top Definition
Buzzing; high; relaxed; chilling; nothing to worry about
You bubblin'.. just cause you got a new top..
by AJMunky July 17, 2003
good times with friends would be refered to as bubblin. As well as any positive thing or event.
'That party was bubblin'
'Tonights gonna be bubblin'
'KitKat pop chocks are bubblin'
by HaKaLeM August 19, 2011
When a gurl whines dere bottom or dances on tha guyz crotch while tha guy holdz tha girl by the hipz and followz the movement of tha girlz bottom iz called bubbling...this iz also fun to do for both the girl and tha Guy
Girl 1: look at that girl whinin' pon tht boy
Girl 2: she'z givin him a bubble
Girl 1: she'z bubblin' with him
by Ladi Baller June 28, 2006
it means when a girl is ridding a guys penis . its kind like dry sex da guyz job iz to grab her hips and moves whereever she moves
John: yo, last night prom i bubbled so many times
Sameer: i noe, i was bubblin' all the hot girls.
by Adnan Nekzai August 14, 2005
buzzin; high; nothing to worry about
You bubblin' just cause you got a new top
by AJMunky July 17, 2003
Crying.Insulting to one who is crying about something stupid, or is pretending not to cry but is.
PERSON 1:is he bubblin'?
PERSON 2:aaye he is!
PERSON 1:naat ye muckle woose
by katie chappell October 09, 2004
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