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You're retarded. It's Bumble fuck, not bubble fuck. Sometimes I really wonder...
"That girl lives in bubble fuck."
"It's bumble fuck you retard, not bubble fuck."
by nomattic May 26, 2007
A place in the middle of nowhere, usually inhabited by rednecks.
I drove for three hours until I found myslef in the middle of some bubblefuck town.
by jessisamess May 02, 2005
Using a bubble in sexual fucking manner.
Person1: Hey guess what i did last night
Person2: What
Person1: I bubblefucked a dog!
by Nick February 26, 2004
Bubble Fuck
Usually reffering to a place or location that is very far and extremely hard to get to.
boy 1: "So,where are you moving to"?
girl 1:"Alaska"
boy 2: "Holy crap girl,that's in bubble fuck"
by Dee Chester July 18, 2006