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A guy who is cool, funny, laidback, and good looking, who is the actual inventor of "the creep crawl" though it is really called "the velociraptor"
Look at Bubbles he's doing the velociraptor!!!
by elitedelta40 July 17, 2011
0 3
A wooden stick used to make stupid definations
I bubble and no one cares.
by dum tester November 04, 2010
0 3
The best looking elf on the block!!
Last night i took a bath with bubbles.....bubbles is the girl next door :3
by juju10614 August 31, 2010
0 3
To hang out, especially at home; to chill.
Y'all goin' to da club tonight?
Nah, me and the girl just gonna' stay home an' bubble.
by Jason "Money Man" Reeher November 21, 2006
13 16
A 1990-1995 Chevrolet Caprice having the rounded body style. May be a tricked out Hi-Riser. Bubbles were preceded by the more desirable 1997-1990 box.
That flaming bubble on Le Brons is one outrageous sled.
by Squareback May 26, 2006
13 16
The last person before the money in a poker tournament
Everytime Mark plays hes always out on the bubble.
by PokerVixen October 18, 2005
12 15
Something that is very cool.
Mike: Hey Monica, I want you to come over for free beer tonight. In addition to that, gonna throw in a free full body massage.

Monica: Oh wow, that is so bubbles!
by kinglimey July 22, 2008
9 13