A large black man, usually 5'10" or talling, weighing around 200 pounds. Bubba prefers young punks who have recently been introduced to "the system".
Damn yo, bubba had his way wit yo ass last night!
by Bubba September 06, 2003
1. n.- a redneck or hillbilly-ish nickname for a guy, similar to Jack.

2. n. - From the polish word baba which means old lady. Many Russian, Polish and other eastern European people call their grandmother Bubba or bubby.
Earl: Where's Bubba at? He's supposed to help me fix my truck.

Cletus: He said he went to his bubba's house for pierogies for lunch.
by darqcyde August 09, 2010
A term of endearment to be used in describing objects, animals, or humans (but not places).
"Oh that little old man over there is so cute"
"Yeah, he's definitely a bubba"
by Luna Lovingood March 11, 2010
The guy you want to know, because he knows everyone else. Bubba can help you start a restaurant, get Jessica Simpson at your party, set up a lunch date with the dean of admissions of several colleges, or just hook you up with a free moon bounce.

Bubba is probably someone like your cousin's best friend's sister, but once you find them they'll be happy to help you.

Bubba probably isn't aware of his status, but there's one if every town. He may or may not be a dead-beat, but he knows everybody you wish you did.
Dude, my car died last night but I found Bubba with some jumper cables in the parking lot so it was alright.

Damn, I really want to get a hot DJ for the party Saturday. I gotta meet Bubba and see if he can hook me up.
by skgbabey December 15, 2009
Big black male you will usually find in prison that is going to rape the shit outta you. Is gigantic 600 pounds 7 ft tall will drill a hole as wide as your computer in your ass and will suck your dick till it snaps like a twig.
I saw bubba at the local prison drilling a gigantic hole in some white guys ass I never looked at an ass the same way.
by HomieSkillet November 28, 2007
The guy in prison who you shouldn't drop the soap in front off.
*Drops Soap* Hey who just shoved corn into my ass?!
by P0lishPimp August 27, 2005
You know him as the large, rotund, and usually tall (and usually dark) man that approaches you from behind at the club. He will then proceed to "freak on" you and you can't do anything about it due to his massive size.
by erinofsky July 23, 2005

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