The best character in Forrest Gump. He has an hour long boot camp monologue about the many different ways you can cook shrimp. I cry every time he dies.
Hey, did you see Forrest Gump on tv last night?
<br> Yeah, isn't Bubba's hour long shrimp monologue awesome?
<br>hella yes, my friend.
by Hipolyta Destroyer of Men December 16, 2006
Lizette's friends. Or acquaintences. Or anyone who deserves to be called Bubba.
"Hey bubba! How are you? I'm bored!" said Lizette.
by 1234567890asdfhjkl August 12, 2006
Baby talk for the word baby. Bubz is a shortened version
Girl: i've had a awful day at work
Boy: Aww bubba, what happened?
by Lig July 25, 2006
The guy in prison who you shouldn't drop the soap in front off.
*Drops Soap* Hey who just shoved corn into my ass?!
by P0lishPimp August 27, 2005
You know him as the large, rotund, and usually tall (and usually dark) man that approaches you from behind at the club. He will then proceed to "freak on" you and you can't do anything about it due to his massive size.
by erinofsky July 23, 2005
A jail inmate of Greg Kings. Bubba helps Greg fulfil all of his erotic fantasies and more.
Bubba, Greg King's latest victim
by RuffRyders December 17, 2004
Often associated with rednecks or hillybillys, this word is actually a mispronunciation. Originally, it was meant to be "brother". However due to accents and slurs, it came out sounding like bubba. This is generally attributed to under-educated, southern caucasions but it's also possible that it is from early african american origin.
"Hey, bubba, you want to go to the store?"
by Nemo_R_A November 28, 2004

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