An affectionate word for a loved one. Someone you love infinity and beyond.
I love my bubba so so much.
by hotstuffohya March 29, 2010
1. (Noun) One of the redneck hillbilly duo. This species tend to be large, small brained, even less teeth, and speaks in a language that cannot be understood. Scientist suspect years of inbreeding to get this effect.

2. (Noun) Prison inmate who decides who gets to be a bitch. Tends to have the characteristics as above.

3. (Noun) Name for a dog. Except for the dog is usually smart, has teeth, and actually likes to fuck female bitches.
Bubba just found a new bitch in the shower.

Bubba, stop fuckin that poodle!
by Beast November 19, 2003
another word for perfect, a bubba is a perfect guy in every single way, they're hard to find, but everyone will eventually find one. and when they do they should keep'em close, cuz you dont want no one stealing your bubba. those guys are very special so keep them real close
D: i just spotted a bubba!
W: what no way! thats not even close to possible!
D: well i saw him and he's mine!
W: damn you!
by legacie November 08, 2013
A slang word to be used with a gf or bf such as 'babes' 'baby' etc.Can also be shortened to Bubs or bub
'Hey babes how are you'
'Good Bubba you?'
by Chocolate@theEndOfYourCornetto August 13, 2011
The muscular black guy in prison that makes others prisoner into his bitch.
NOOOOO BUBBA NOOOOOO! *insert noise here*
by XIII November 08, 2004
Noun: a nickname; nickname or pet name meaning, loved one, close friend, or brother-like friend. A name meant for someone of close bond.
Love you bubba!
Bye bub.
by The Wise Worm May 26, 2015
Heavy set man, of middle ages, with no foreskin. Who eats beans with everything
"Bubba you want beans?"

"Am wantin beans on everything"
That's Bubba Ray Dudley 3D
by smudgerdavie October 17, 2015
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