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(coming from Saginaw ,michigan) A word used when someone has a dumb moment or when something is just wack in any way.
Guy: Aye yo!...wat does 2+2 equal?
Other guy: Man U is BUBBED!!!

Scenerio: A basketball player trips on the basketball court when they finally gets in the game. He's BUBBED for tripping.
by mizz B@DD December 22, 2009
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A word used when describing when someone is having a "sugar rush" or acting crazy and hyper.
Hannah: "Hey did you see Ellie over there? She's on the floor laughing uncontrollably and screaming "Watermelon." It's weird.
Allison: "Oh, it's not weird. She's just Bubbed from eating too much sugar."
Hannah: "Oh okay."
by Riaku Kuchiki Suou April 07, 2010
past present future drunkeness
Have fun on your birthday but don't get too bubbed.
by GraveRave89 September 04, 2006

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