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bu-dussi the mixture of booty,dick,and pussy which originated from the movie "how To Be A Playa" with Bill Bellamy and Bernie Mac.
Dam!... Its Smells like Bu-dussi in here!
by Cadillac February 07, 2005
the smell that comes from booty, dick, and pussy at the same time, ie. after heterosexual sex
My sister smells like budussi often
by MissLynda November 11, 2006
combinations of smells, consists of butt and pussy into one
your breath smells like budussi..
by FILTH November 26, 2003
budussy is an adjective used to describe things. budussy means booty, dick, and pussy. therefore the word could describe smell or taste.
as i walked past the whore, all i could smell was budussy. what weak gae that is.
by shug October 21, 2003
L'in the P...LICKIN THE PUSS!!!! or L'in the BD...LICKIN THE BUDUSS
"Yeah he L'ed her P last night...he said she should DOUCHE IT OUT"
by QueenDT June 22, 2003
L&B licking the buduss! He only want me fa my Bu-dussi.. whooo whoo whooo i think i need to wash it out... douche it out!
Lick my bu-dussi, i just washed it in a biday. Lickin da pu! aka pussi!
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