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A fierce beating, spanking, switching, or an number of at-home corporeal punishments.
Stop picking on your cousin or you're gonna get a lickin'.
by benroeletsgo November 23, 2012
Another term for a lesbian, carpet muncher, or butch.
You see those two chicks over there, they're lickin'!!!
by ItalStalAC November 10, 2010
When a jamacian man delivers the takeaway with a satnav and is lickin (listening) to da tunes
hes lickin dis man
by Hudspeth July 16, 2008
When Drug business is slow, to "hunt" for sales (this can be dangerous) or look for people who owe you money.

"I'm out Lickin'."

"Lickin' on 20's in the lolo, 4 do (door), black on black......"
Rick Jiller
by Lucca Brassi March 26, 2009
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