An acronymn for "Bridge & Tunnel" referring to people who come to Manhatten on the weekeds via a bridge or a Tunnel to get to the city and party.
Bungalow 8 is awful on Saturdays because of all the BTs.
by Andre Bagel June 15, 2006
Big Time, Big Timer: success or successful. Rich, prosperous.
Pollo and Alpo were BT, real big time drug dealers in harlem.
by John Mendoza September 20, 2005
Military abbreviation (spoken "BT" or "Bravo Tango") for big tits.
Corporal Bohannon, BT, 12 O'clock, incoming.
by harry flashman July 10, 2003
Another word for the G-spot.
It stands for Buried Treasure
It's easy to find guys, just take time to find it.
Me: Dude, i found earin's B.T., and it was grand!

You: It's not real!

Me: *Judo Chop* It is real!, i found it, i'm rick james!
by Jeremy August 21, 2004
Short for Bung Thrust
Or Bald Taco
Dude, that chic is hot....I'd love to give her a BT.
by FBD July 10, 2003
A group of six high school students from Bethesda, MD. They encompass a variety of stereotypical high school personas. There is a lady's man or player, a football captain, the quarterback, a lazy guy, intelligent guy, and artistic guy. All members of Walt Whitman's football team. Their name is derived from the local elementary school Burning Tree, formerly attended by three of the members. Known to be aggressive and violent. Often proprietars of illegal substances.
BT started a fight with a bunch of Landon kids because they showed up to a Whitman party.
by Holla October 28, 2004
Big Time. Moment of truth. In plain view, not hidden. Conformation of suspected outcome or theory.Agreement or affirmation.
Bro was BT butt hurt about getting harsh ed. 'Did you see dudes face? Totally angry' Reply', Miles will be hating life later,BT.
by Cquoya September 16, 2014

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