Belligerent Sexual Tension, when two parties show hostility to each other in an effort to hide their sexual tension.

Both have acknowledged their attraction but try to refuse to act on it or choose to ignore it by acting hostile towards each other.
You can just smell the BST rolling off the two rivals.
by jpeguser March 26, 2013
A sureno gang from Wapato Washington. Bst stands for Barrio Sureno Trece. They are the biggest gang in the city. With over 80 members. Some hispanic and some white. There allies are a norteno gang called Olb which stands for Original Loko Boys. Bst are known for drug trafficking, murders, and vandalism. They also talk to other sureno gangs such as LVL and PBS.
Click, click, bang, bang big bad bst gang.
by puro March 27, 2008
Refers to any long, seemingly pointless test taken at the end of a school year. Usually spans from one whole day to a week, maybe even two weeks. Examples of B.S.T.s are the CRCT, ITBS, and SAT.
"Hey, ready to take the math portion of the CRCT today?"
"Dude, that's such a B.S.T. it ain't even funny."
by Wail Halls April 12, 2006
But seriously tho
Friend 1: You look like you just rose from the dead
Friend 2: shut up! really?
Friend 1: Nah, just kidding, bst...
Friend 2. ouch.
by metri June 22, 2009
Stands for Best Stop Trippin.
Dude, BST!
by i_fight_boys September 16, 2008
Three letter initials most commonly used by gangs to identify their neighborhood, where as the (B) may stand for the name of a certain street and the (ST) probably stands for the word street. As in "Bryant Street 13, and Blythe street 13", both gangs located in the San Fernando Valley region of Los Angeles. "BST" could also stand for "Breed street 13" in the East L.A. region of Los Angeles.
The homie calls those fools from BST: "burros".
by BiggDaddyBuggers818 August 29, 2007
an acronymn for "Britnet Spears Taliban", a secret underground group of sluttish women bent on reaching world domination by raping all government officials and then brainwashing them to be mindless slaves to the taliban.
I had a very interesting encounter with the BST yesterday. It's a wonder i even escaped.
by Nahotnoj October 13, 2004

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