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A derogatory term used to insult the San Fernando Valley gang "Barrio Van Nuys" or "BVN 13". The oldest gang in the city of Van Nuys area. The term can also be used to insult another San Fernando Valley gang located in the city of Pacoima: "Pacoima Van Nuys Boys" or "P VNBs 13", named after the street "Van Nuys Boulevard" that happens to run through Pacoima.
Lets all go to Van Nuys and rumble with those "bananas".
by BiggDaddyBuggers818 August 29, 2007
Three letter initials most commonly used by gangs to identify their neighborhood, where as the (B) may stand for the name of a certain street and the (ST) probably stands for the word street. As in "Bryant Street 13, and Blythe street 13", both gangs located in the San Fernando Valley region of Los Angeles. "BST" could also stand for "Breed street 13" in the East L.A. region of Los Angeles.
The homie calls those fools from BST: "burros".
by BiggDaddyBuggers818 August 29, 2007

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