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Battestar Galactica - Used to refer to either the cult sci-fi show in the 70s or the sweet new one that began in the early '00s.
BSG is on right after Atlantis Friday nights on Sci-Fi.
by Steve H. May 20, 2005

B.S.G.(Black Star Gangstaz) is a new street gang who's intenting to make peace between crips, bloods and other street gangs. An alliance of many gangs aligned against the corrupt governments, presidents and politicians from all over the world. Gang members wear black bandanas, most of them still representing their initial gang (crip, blood, latin kings, or other) but they are fighting for peace between street gangs. They follow the T.H.U.G.L.I.F.E. code by Tupac Amaru Shakur.
Who you rep? I'm a Black Star Gangster! Live fo' everithing Die fo' nothin, B.S.G.!
#black #star #gang #fo #life
by Zenyt April 17, 2006
A term of endearment used in some parts of Ireland , Sweden & Holland.

B.S.G stands for Blingin(g) Sassafrass Goat

i.e. An iced out sassy and fine Greatest Of All Time being who can outwit others.
Damn! That girl is one B.S.G!
#sassy goat #bsg #sassy #goat #fine #girl #goat-a-licious #greatest #delicious
by mmm-B.S.G March 26, 2010
Big Sweaty Girl
That lady at the store was a BSG.
#fat #smelly #large #huge #woman #beast
by clf829 June 04, 2010
bitchy straight guy: a guy who comes off as a malicious, meddlesome, douchey and talks behind any and everyone's back but who is actually straight
Girl 1: omg, that guy is such a BSG
Girl 2: which guy?
Girl 1: that guy there, Spencer Pratt!
Girl 2: ohh yeah totally
#bsg #douche #gay #spencer pratt #nasty
by mishthinksUDiscool January 14, 2010
Acronym for Bangin Sexy Girl.
Hey man did you just see that bsg leaving that shop, I going to try and get her number.
#sexy #hot #cool #fasionable #love
by Kiran A August 19, 2009
big smelly gonads
wow dude i can smell your bsg from here
dude u bttr wash ur fuckin bsg
#balls #bsg #gonads #smelly #what the fuck
by johnsmithhammer October 22, 2008
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