Australian slang for a cigarette.

Originated when the government brought in plain packaging on cigarettes.
"hey mate, you got any Bryan's on ya?"
by B1lly_TK May 24, 2013
the sweetest and deepest boy you will ever meet. perfect in every way, he will also be very talented and sexy. a bryan is super hot all the time and super funny. he would do anything for his girlfriend, and love her in every possible way.
girl 1:omg that he's is so sweet

girl 2: well what did you expect he's bryan
by rae of sunshine November 07, 2013
Bryans are lovely but peculiar. They make you think about how great you are, but then you may never see them again. They are probably super smart bc they tend to have hard jobs, but overall they are probably nice. They are, for a fact, hilarious. That is one thing you can count on. You also may start to think they are stalking you, just bc they make you feel so special.
"Hey, I met Bryan like, 2 months ago, and I still can't stop thinking about him." -girl 1

"Yeah, that's because he's so great he makes you feel like the entire world is looking at you." -girl 2

"Oh, ok. Cool." -girl 1
by Thisissssdumb October 11, 2014
The coolest, laid back, a little bit ghetto kid of your school. He likes armani exchange, ed hardy, and gucci. He is secretive about his personal life and he sometimes plays with girl's feelings. He is awesome to hang around with. He is one in a million and you should treasure every moment that you spend with him. He can be the best friend you can have and will always be there for you. He can also be the best kissing boyfriend you can ever have. He has a great sense of style for dressing and tends to lie and promise things that he will never actually do. Best frind in the world.
girl 1: hey have you seen Bryan?
girl 2: Oh my God yeah, I love him!
girl 1: He is my best friend ...
girl 2: Yeah, well i heard that he plays with girls. You know he just messes with their feelings.
girl 1: he would never do that to me becuase we are just best friends.
by b+p=4ever October 27, 2011
Bryan is a one of a kind guy. You can't find anyone better than him and you will never wanna cause he's perfect!!! He's so hot and sweet and funny! Not to mention loving! All the girls want him but he'd drop anyone of them just to be with the girl he loves. He's an amazing football player and singer! He'd do anything for you!
Bryan is the sweetest guy in the world!!!
by BOtt'sgirl December 02, 2014
A nice, polite, genuine, caring, heart warming, understanding amazing guy who listens to everyones problems. He would do anything to make sure you don't hurt yourself. He puts others happiness before his own. He is the best person anyone could meet and anyone would be lucky to have him in their lives.
Bryan thanks for talking to me, even if its 3 AM :)
by Yolo does not mean Math! March 01, 2015
Sweet, caring, cute, dorky, and Squishy! He cute, he cute lol xD
Oh yeah he good at drawings and funny (: <3
Bryan you cute ^.^
by Dory(: April 23, 2013
Bryan; A Sexy kid with long hair, beautiful green eyes, has great taste in clothes.
The bestest friend you can ever have, he is trustworthy, loyal, and he'll never break your heart.
He is funny, hilarious, but when needed to he can be serious.
He is a great companian, everybody loves a Bryan!
Girl 1:Hey are you going out with Bryan?
Girl 2:Yeah, he's great isn't he?<3
Girl 1:Yeah, I love those beautiful big green eyes, and his luscious long hair <3
by BryanAlexisLopezLopez November 18, 2011

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