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The act of vomiting a thick viscous liquid in front of a crowd of people.

Originated from the character "Seth Brundle(Jeff Goldblum)" from the movie "The Fly(1986)" in which he vomits on to the leg of "Stathis Borans(John Getz)" to incapacitate him.

—Related forms
As people watched in disgust, the midget brundled onto the dish in front of her.
#vomit #puke #harf #barf #sick #drinking #drunk
by aftershock1975 August 02, 2010
The genital package of a squatting nude man when viewed from behind. Similar in appearance to a fleshy tea bag.
"Remember in that movie Eastern Promises when Viggo Mortensen kills that guy in the sauna? You could totally see his brundle."...fearless work...
#scrote #tea bag #ball bag #man bundle #bro bundle
by J-radical October 24, 2009
Noun, anything made by mashing two other things together in the hopes of making a third useful thing. Usually not successful, occasionally wildly so.

Also, anything that looks like an ill-fated mating between unrelated objects.

Verb, To deliberately make a brundle
or, to accidentally make a brundle.

A reference to the character Seth Brundle, in The Fly
"He made a hackintosh brundle out of dad's old towerPC and aunt May's big TV cabinet."

I cant believe she brundled bacon with a chocolate cake.
#mashup #brundel #cross-breed #mongrel #zedonky
by Plaguewatcher December 16, 2011
A sizable collection of pears.
I'm so hungry, I could eat an entire brundle of pears!
#brondle #bruundle #group #pack #parliament #gaggle
by Burt Maclain September 25, 2013
Synonym for "fail." Named after the character Seth Brundle in the 1986 film "The Fly", in which he pulls the ultimate brundle of splicing his own genetic make up with that of a fly, i.e., "teleportation brundle".

Antonym: Goldblum
She told me she was 18, and I believed her. Consensuality brundle :/
#brundle #the fly #fail seth #goldblum #jeff
by the sloze. September 12, 2010
Name relating to a person who is an office jerk-off, partly because he acts
like Martin Brundle from the movie The Fly and smells of fish, has booze on his breath,generally unkempt and with a nervous temperament which makes him moan a lot and says " Bah!" and " Rrrrrigghhtt!" Likeable one minute then a different creature the next. Brundle is also a great alias that you can use to talk about somebody without them ever knowing.
"Brundle's at it again!" " Man, Brundle's reekin' of the bevy!"

#brundlefly #seth brundle #brundleburp #brundlebutt #bugs brunny
by Jasper Jobbie January 06, 2008
The brundle is the area between the balls and the anus. A veritable no mans land.
He likes it when you scratch his brundle?
by x August 26, 2003
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