A new meal added between breakfast and lunch. All in all, a very difficult concept to understand.
If I microwave some leftover pizza, but do so at eleven in the morning, would it be classified as breakfast or brunch?
by Diggity Monkeez April 30, 2005
It means irritated buthole. It comes from crunch, but the C is changed to a B from buthole. French people like to lick irritated butholes so they called their lunch 'brunch'.
"I went to the toilet and now I have a brunch!!" or "Some Frenchman licked my brunch and it was great!"
by PoolseSchilder November 06, 2011
a weekend ritual for twenty-something New Yorkers involving the sharing of the first meal of the day with friends after a night of debauchery. Brunch can occur any time after noon and before 5 p.m. on either Saturday or Sunday and serves as a great way to catch up with friends over moderately priced food as well as bloody marys, mimosas or several glasses of champagne. Post-brunch activities often include napping or drunk shopping.
Sunday brunch is like gay church.
by andynyc September 03, 2006
(V.) To smoke cigarettes or other tobacco products. A fancier name for, "Smoking". It make's you sound refined and confuses most people, like your apart of and exclusive club.
(Guy #1) "Well, it's time for brunch".

(Guy #2) "lead the way, my watch reads; brunch-thirty"

*(Confused eavesdroppers look at each other)*

(eavesdropper #1) "Why the fuck did he just say, "brunch"?

(eavesdropper #2) "I don't know, my phone says 4:30 p.m."?

(eavesdropper #1) "Hmm... I bet they're important".
by Noodletron2007 October 30, 2010
an excuse for fat people to eat an extra meal.
"I'm still hungry after my enormous breakfast, but it's too early for lunch. Isn't not too late, however, for brunch!"
by Silly Ho December 29, 2004
A Bro Punch.

The act of a Bro punching another Bro.
Bro 1: "Hey look over there!"
Bro 2: "Huh?" {looks away}
Bro 2: "Ahhhhh, What was that bro?"
Bro 1" That was a brunch for sleeping with my ex-girlfriend!
by mondoinvasion July 08, 2009
Brunch- 1. when fried chicken doesn't make you feel like a slave.

2.when a black person eats out w/ a white person.
1. Son: The brunch was good mom, but next time, don't let the chicken cook for 2 hours.

Mom: *Speechless*

2.Jombaquisha: You want to go to KFC for brunch!?

Jake: Sure... I guess????
by Universal Heartthrob May 24, 2009

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