The abiminable snowman from Rudolf the Red Nosed Reindeer.
Brumbles can bounce.
by El Jeffy July 12, 2003
Top Definition
"Brumble" is a combination of the words bramble and mumble. It refers to a confusing and prickly mess of poorly articulated information dished out by people who really should know better, and can therefore said to be mumbling incoherently when asked to explain something properly.
She tried in vain to make sense of all the brumble the doctors were giving her about her medical condition.
by brumblebear August 25, 2007
the end or heel of a loaf of bread.
"i call the brumble!"
by Paul Schmeding March 06, 2008
1 (n). A man who hits on women significantly younger than he out of desperation, thinking that they are 'easy'.
2. (v). The act of an adult (18+) hitting on a female significantly younger (at least five years) out of desperation.
1. Uh oh.. watch out, Brumble is over there - he might come on to you.
2. Don't let someone pull a Brumble on you, don't put your screenname in your journal!
by giggledog July 07, 2004
A combination of the words "beer", "stroll" and "stumble", used to connote a stroll taken with a beer in hand, usually one that is moderate enough to allow generous sipping and potential double-fisting.
"Why don't you grab a PBR out of that cooler, and we'll take a brumble up the canyon and check out that waterfall."
by Desertrose5418 August 16, 2008
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