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Protector, explorer, survivor, coloniser of waste ground; fixes nitrogen in the earth, and provides shelter for new trees to take root and grow. Provides cover and food for animals and insects, the blackberry is very nutritious to all.
The bramble has colonised the waste ground providing nature's nursery from which new trees can seed and grow into beautiful woodland habitat, benefiting many systems of existence.
by fkmonsta February 05, 2010
A guy who constantly hits on other guy's girlfriends
Dude, that guy's a bramble
by steinbeck March 16, 2005
stubby ball hairs on your sack after shaving.
I just shaved and my brambles are itching, i need to free ball it for a week.
by Jonn Stewart August 04, 2009
Excessive amount of neck hair that accumulates in between hair cuts.
"Hey Adam, can you cut my bramble? That worthless excuse for a hairstylist, Jodi forgot to line me up.

...Ohh yeah, take a seat on that that toilet, bro"
by Itsmeetrain September 30, 2009
To be an enthusiastic retard with an annoying personality with an even more annoying laugh
"Why are you behaving so Bramble all of a sudden??? "

"Bro, stop Brambling"

"That weed Brambled the fuck out of me"
by lolmania September 22, 2014
A guy who constantly tries to hit on other guy's girlfriends
That dude is a bramble.
by steinbeck March 15, 2005
a very annoying, prepass loser who talks too much. middle-aged, often used to describe a teacher who cant shut his fucking mouth and doesn't know shit. also, punishes too much for no fucking reason.
you: dude, our art teacher is such a Bramble he doesn't know when to shut the fuck up!!

someone else: ya man i heard he gave a kid detention for asking to go to the bathroom!!

someone else: i heard he's a hobo!!

someone else: shit! no way!!
by fakattack June 29, 2009
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