Something that has been ruined while under influence of a brew.
You're so drunk that you bruined that joke.
by Rusty Bumgardener October 19, 2009
a weird thing that appears on the tongue that makes you not want to talk, irritable, and lazy. it occurs once every week or so and is pretty disgusting to look at.
"Oh man, my bruin is back again"
"I don't want to do homework because of my bruin..."
"Stop talking to me Lydia my bruin is acting up"
by mmoiioon October 02, 2011
1. The team that killed the interest of bostonians in hockey with constant futility and an owner who might as well be dead for how often he makes appearances.
2. The team that had Ray Borque and Cam Neely on it for many years and managed to win the president's trophy, but still couldn't take home the cup.
3. Save a late 2003 skid the best team in hockey, currently hot as hell, and the future 2004 stanley cup winners, due to some excellent goaltending by Raycroft and three solid offensive lines.
Go Bruins!
by birdboy2000 February 11, 2004
bostons hockey team that cant get out of the first round
bruins fan: the bruins went 82-0
bruins fan2: it doesnt matter man they'll be gone in the first round
by piercefor3and1 April 21, 2004
a really big hockey player.
Did you see the bruin in the white helmet? He must be 6'6".
by hazy September 08, 2003
Angry or annoyed at someone.
'I'm bruin at you!' 'I'm bruin at Daniel!'
by CiaranD July 14, 2006
1) An unemployed person
2) One who drive a Kia
3) Someone who stopped caring about football following 5 consecutive defeats versus USC.
4) Victim of intense and crippling inferiority complex relative to crosstown rival's academic and athletic successes
5) Receipient of welfare

Note alternate pronunciation: fUCLA
My maid is a bruin.
by ucla sucks April 15, 2004

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