a wacky male sibling/brother
You're crazy brudder!
by bilbo July 24, 2003
Top Definition
Another way to greet your close friends

(Malaysian)Gangster term to say "Hello there!!!"
"Brudder, long time no see eh???"
by Jonster November 24, 2005
Meaning brother but you cant pronounce the word brother correctly.
Hey man what are you doing tonite? Please Brudder I am swishen as ushe and drinkin a bottle VO
by mud man October 23, 2006
Same as saying "brotha" or any other lingo for a friend
hey brudder whats up?
by Al demon July 29, 2003
man boobs. originated from the unholy union of the relatively innocuous 'brother' and 'udder'.
"Dude, get a bra for your brudder before you hurt someone with them"
by i_wakey August 11, 2009
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