Street based slang term for heroin.
Gems blowed a complete gram of brownboy last night.
by cashsmash April 27, 2011
Top Definition
An ethnic male used to do menial tasks that generally involves labor.
We gotta get a shit load of trenches dug today, let's go down to the corner and pick up a couple Brown Boys.
by Ball333 November 21, 2013
A term used to call the drug herion becaused of its color in powdered form and used when its sold in the streets.
I'm sayin whats good with that boy? I got a couple bundles you can cop of that brown boy.
by Zerxes September 05, 2006
A male of south asian/indian/north african descent or origin who is smooth and good at manipulating weak women, but who gives those women little (if any) real value.
Brown Boy: "Sup girl. Jokes. Wanna groove?"
Weak Female: "You are a brown boy and I will have sex with you, or at least give you a blowjob."
by JimmyJimmJim September 29, 2007
some one who is a smooth talker, who can get any girl who he wishes to have while still upholding the belief of true love and the value of girl
ay you think jose is a playa? he be getting all the bitches
nah man he a brown boy still stuck on that karol chick
by king retop November 22, 2013
a United States penny, valued at one cent, or 1/100 of a US dollar. Named due to their color
My mom keeps a jar of brown boys, since you can't buy anything with them.
by Uncle Mike Mike July 02, 2013
a person who would rather hang out with his fat girlfriend than spend time with his friends.
"where is dave tonight?"
"Hes with girlfriend being a Brownboy."
by papasteve October 23, 2007
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