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4 definitions by Zerxes

A term used to call the drug herion becaused of its color in powdered form and used when its sold in the streets.
I'm sayin whats good with that boy? I got a couple bundles you can cop of that brown boy.
by Zerxes September 05, 2006
Brooms is a name used instead of shrooms when your talking about the hallucinogenic drug "mushrooms".
How much can i get a quarter of brooms for "stoney"?
by Zerxes September 05, 2006
big weight and a person who walks with much gusto.
I'm saying, all i got for u now is that big oomp. Your not even regular clientele!

Home boys got much oomp
by Zerxes September 05, 2006
A term used in urban slang to define high potency weed or high-graded marijuana.
I got that willy wanka for cheap if your trying to cop my nizzle
by Zerxes September 04, 2006