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when you jet diarreah so viciously out of your ass into the toilet bowl that it splashes up and coats your balls brown like cherries dipped in chocolate.
Dude! Rebecca's drunk! I'm gonna try to teabag her while I have brown balls and make her look like Gary Coleman, High Five!
by laf & grow fat March 30, 2006
A condition that occurs when a man wipes back to front smearing shit on the ball sack
No girl would give J.P. head due to horrific smell coming from his brown balls
by AdaMeaux March 01, 2009
To walk into a bathroom and intentionally hang around to keep a shy person from shitting.
I can't go if someone else will hear it, I get totally brownballed.
by iFester May 26, 2005
When you are giving a girl anal then she splatter farts and it goes down your dick and coats your bills brown
When bestie and I were going doggy style she splatter farted and have me brown balls
by Undatedshrimp April 14, 2016
When a man takes a shit and wipes forward (instead of backwards) and gets shit on his balls.
Something smells..FUCK! I think I have brownball...
by Yo Momma Sucks January 02, 2008
Originated from anal connoisseur Aaron, to receive brown balls is to penetrate a female, or males rectum; and during anal intercourse the penetrater will slap his testicles against the person's gouch and lower region on the asshole.

Assuming the man or woman hasn't wiped their poopers in some time, the testicles will turn brown from the fecal residue.
Aaron "Brown Balls" is the king of all things fetish. He probably has brown balls right now.
by Ya boy is on fire, dipset February 01, 2009
v. When a woman (or man) takes a shit, does not wipe, and then has anal sex using the excrement for lubrication resulting in brown, shit covered testicles.
I can't believe she let you brownball her, what a slut. That's the last time I set one of my friends up with my mom.
by Dr. Rosenpenis September 22, 2006
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