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Noun: A penny (United States coin).
I'll crouch down to pick up a quarter, but I ain't goin' down for a brown!
by Digger1 November 05, 2006
(verb)1. To eat or lick someone's ass
That chick is so hot I would brown her out
by 5150Owen August 15, 2007
The smell of your own stench coming from the anus when you sit down. Usually due to a lack of personal hygiene.
"Dude, I haven't showered in like 3 days, I can smell my own brown when I sit down."

"I need to wash my brown"
by BrownTownLOLWUT January 26, 2009
1.Brown- A color that is dark usually a mixture of white and black.

2. Brown- When used for a name, common names that tag along with brown include, but not limited to, Mar-alicious.

*Side Note* We usually find these "browns" hanging with A: girls who PMS all the time over boys, B: Girls who have the finest asses in the hood, or C: some pretty fly dudes that are unbelievably sexy.
When u combine Jesus with Hailey from Paramore, u get a brown.

These rare species called browns are commonly obsessed with non-talented singers, which we shall not specify, but contain 3 members.

These lovely creatures are on the point of desolation. Purple hood-ed creatures have been known to launch a devastating attack against the brown clan. Please we inform you to stay away from a brown.
by C-Lee-A Pu- ella ella ella a a January 17, 2009
Shortcut for a delicious beer called 'Carlsberg Brown', which is available only in the African Country Malawi.

(Perhaps a suggestion to the Carlsberg company to sell those buggers in the rest of the world aswell.)
"Fancy a drink nugguh?" - "Yeah, could do with a brown actually..."

"Those browns are much better than those greens, now aren't they chap!"
by jerry January 15, 2004
"What can brown do for you?" UPS’ new tagline – a failed marketing attempt. Because “Brown” is shit, who’d want shit on their doorstep?
Person 1: Look what Brown delivered today!!!!!
Person 2: Please, keep it in your nappy (diaper), I don’t need to see…
by Fairy tale whore June 28, 2004
a unit of measurement used in a science class. usually used to make children jump in their seats and remember thier units of measurements

by dooface March 10, 2009