Adj. Derived from the color of feces. Used in context of anything which is particularly unpleasant, ridiculous, or both. See also: shitty.

V. brown. To act unpleasantly, or be treated unpleasantly.
Adj. I can't believe the boss dumped all that work on you. That's really brown of him.

V. You got browned.
by A.T. April 25, 2003
The skin color(s) of a person of color/ethnicity, specifically those of African Descent.

Black people's skin ranges in different shades of brown.
by Wings to Discovery May 19, 2008
People from Southasia, such as Bangladesh, India or Sri Lanka.
They are usually looking like African people, they either have curly or straight hair.
Many brown people are Muslims (Not arabs!) , Hindus or Buddhists.
Yo homie, look at dat brown man right there his ma homie!
by Ice Killa November 24, 2006
Usually in referance to music or campy films. The act of being very cheesey or deep in bass (brown as in shit inspiring).
Yo, peep 'dis! D'ya hear Primus' new album? That shit was hella brown!
by Vinciini June 03, 2006
what you get when you mix all of the colors together
Girl: "Man, don't mix up those colors!"
Guy: "Why not?"
Girl: "Cause you'll get brown
by megabun July 06, 2005
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