A note 92 cents belob the lowest Eb octave that makes people lose bowel controls. From south park and awesome ass show.
Hey guys i found it, i foundt he brown noise
by KJ October 24, 2003
Top Definition
A note that is ninety-two octaves below B-flat. Hearing the brown noise makes people have an uncontrolable urge to shit their pants. The brown noise was once used in a episode of South Park.
''Hey man, did you hear about the musician who accidentally played the brown noise? Yeah, the entire audience shit their pants.''
by sixstringwoman072 January 19, 2005
Noise showing a random walk behavior, as in Brownian motion. It has a 1/f^2 frequency spectrum. It has nothing to do with crapping your pants. Try learning some physics....
You guys are retarded for thinking a brown noise can make you crap your pants.
by Ryan October 19, 2004
An oscillation of sound that causes the bowels to loosen. The Brown Noise is believed to be 92 cents below the lowest octave of E flat.
"We're trying to find the Brown Noise. It's this one pitch, this certain frequency, that makes people lose bowel control!"
by Malorie August 15, 2005
Communication that's usually complete bullshit or just painfully annoying.
He open's his mouth and all that comes out of it is brown noise.
by Riot Instigator October 25, 2010
The noise required to mask the sound of anal secretion and subsequent bowl splash in a public or private restroom when one or more persons are in attendance with the person discharging, to thereby avoid the awkward silence that is present and periodically disturbed by the excretions of the person in question.
Dude, that was really awkward. The guy in there was playing his ipod, utilizing its brown noise capabilities.

The whole time I was in there this dude kept coughing to cover up his dump. He was clearly brown noise(ing).
by @dEpP September 14, 2010
A certian musical note that when heard makes you shit yourself. Also when in large groups the result can be severely devastating.
*Brown noise*, Oh SHIT!, I crapped my pants!
by Crazy Ricochet August 25, 2006
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