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a protein shake with organic ingredients such as organic milk, and semen.
"after my workout today, I needed a little pick me up, so I drank some brotein shake.
by thee hammer October 08, 2007
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A brotastic beverage typically consisting of vanilla protein powder, orange juice, and Smirnoff Ice that is often consumed by a bro after a workout or when chilling at a brodeo.
Bro: Hey brosef, you tryin' to 'cube later?

Chad: Yeah brohan, let's chill right after I lax and have my brotein shake.
by n8pants September 21, 2010
a protein shake with ruffees and viagra in it.
"Want to chill, and maybe get some bro-tein shakes?"
-Chad Bro-Chill
by Cam Bro-Chill September 15, 2008
Muscle Milk protein powder mixed with vodka. Typically consumed by Bros and Frat Guys post-workout.
"Bro, I've got to go pound my Brotein Shake so I can get swole."
by KR0N0SXx July 06, 2012
Natty plus whey protein mix! Whats better then working out and building muscle? Working out and building muscle while getting drunk!! And nothing is better to get drunk with then Natty!
Bro 1: Pumping iron has made me thirsty, lets grab a protein shake.
Bro 2: Even better bro, i got a Dirty 30! Brotein shakes.
Bro 1: Brotein?
Bro 2: Protein + Natty = Brotein!!!
by xcbrit91 August 06, 2011

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