1. A combination of the words brother and potatoe chips.

2. A group of fresh to death, ride or die, super tight best friends who share everything. Their swag is unsurpassed and their crazy stories are told across the land. Each Bro has their own outrageous personality. People wish that they were a part of the Brotatoes because of the tall tales that are told of them. The Brotatoes stick together through everything and have got each others backs no matter what.
Person #1: "Awh, your friends sound like so much fun! I wish I could be a part of the Brotatoes!"

Person #2: "No. Get the fuck out."
by maggiethemae July 04, 2011
Top Definition
Similar to broseph or brosnake, but with a twist. Also means bro / brother.
Yo sup my baked brotato
by sawhat June 07, 2006
A brotato is a really good friend that is a dude. it is made by combining two words: brother-a name black people call their friends, and potato-a delicious food when sliced and deep fried in oil.
hey, is that your best friend?

no, hes better than a best friend. hes my brotato.
by DC Platinum April 26, 2009
1) A brotato is a bro, or really good friend, that you smoke weed with. It's a mix of brother, and potato, as in baked potato. It is like one of those twists on the word bro, like bromeister or broaster oven.

2) A good friend you can trust your stash with.
I'm going out to smoke with my brotato.

I gave my bad to my brotato.

Me and Jim are like two baked brotatos.
by bslot0622 May 10, 2009
Ther prettiest thing there is ever
Wow, ure so pretti Brotato c:
by Anonymous(not w3b) June 07, 2016
Your best friend who is more than a bro and is most likely German. (Applies to all genders)
Friend: Hey Brotato!
Other Friend: Brotato ...what?
Friend: You know, bro and tato and...your german..and
Other Friend: What?
Friend: Nothing...
by Kawaiinaodesu~ November 21, 2014
One who is a Bro, and has a fascination with Potatoes.
"Wow! Look at that Brotato work itttt!!"
by Mynameisbob0616 February 18, 2014
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