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A word, commonly used to describe a male who's levels of bitchassness are astronomical. Fuckboys have a way of fucking things up for the worse. They have an inability to get their shit done and when given a responsibility they pussy out and usually leave it for someone else to take care of. Cockblocking is one of their favorite past times as is creeping which are probably the only two things that are actually good at.

The term is mostly used by other males and females that know their shit while criticizing said fuckboys.

The term may NOT be used by other fuckboys calling out other fuckboys.
Girl: "You see, Adam and Jay are both fuckboys, but Jay is much more of a fuckboy than Adam. Adam may be a creeper but he can actually get his shit done. Jay doesn't know what the fuck he's doing therefore making him more of a fuckboy."
by maggiethemae July 04, 2011
Ryan Raddon is his real name.
He s a famous DJ who's beats are pure magic.

Also, people on Jersey Shore love this fucker.
Maggie: "Oh my god, have you heard Kaskade's new album, Fire and Ice?"
Ashley: "Yeah, it was okay."
Maggie: "Right? Dynasty and Dance.Love were so much better."
by maggiethemae November 10, 2011

1. A combination of the words brother and potatoe chips.

2. A group of fresh to death, ride or die, super tight best friends who share everything. Their swag is unsurpassed and their crazy stories are told across the land. Each Bro has their own outrageous personality. People wish that they were a part of the Brotatoes because of the tall tales that are told of them. The Brotatoes stick together through everything and have got each others backs no matter what.
Person #1: "Awh, your friends sound like so much fun! I wish I could be a part of the Brotatoes!"

Person #2: "No. Get the fuck out."
by maggiethemae July 04, 2011
The former singer of From First To Last who now goes by the stage name "Skrillex" who is famous for making sick, mainstream, dubstep beats.

On the mau5trap record label, as well.
Girl: "I saw Skrillex play the other day but the whole time I was watching him I just wanted to shout, 'PLAY ''NOTE TO SELF''' and see what would happen."

Boy: "Isn't isn't that a From First To Last song?"
Girl: "Well yeah. Skrillex is Sonny Moore, the band's old lead singer."
by maggiethemae November 10, 2011
A combination of the words "drunk" and "fucking"

Usually used when someone is drunk and messing around and making a scene.
Girl #1: "Maggie! Please stop drunking around! You're embarrassing yourself."
Girl #2: "Son of a bitch, Ashley. I'll drunk around as much as I please."
by maggiethemae December 23, 2010

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