A 'bro' that you drink brewskis with.
Hey broski, you wanna drink some brewskis later?
by Top broski June 23, 2010
It is a Polish last name not these fake terms. It does not mean; brothers,close friendship, bro's, buddies or any of those types of words. Look it up in a Polish to English Dictionary. It is a typical Polish last name. And yes I am a real Polish Broski writing this!
Tom Brown - Hey man im a Broski!

John Broski - What? How the hell are you a Broski when you are a Brown? ...Dumb ass...
by The Real Broski February 02, 2010
guys that think they are the shit. usually kinda yoked and love to talk shit but when its time to throw down they are no where to be found. usually in frats and shop at the baby gap.
(Broskis)- "hey how much u guys bench"
(Real Man)-" Fuck you, ill fuck u in the ass right now. Lets take this outside"
(Broskis)- "Lets get outta here broskis these guys are for real"
by dyno-mite4lifee March 03, 2010
The friend of a retard.
Hey broski, am I talking cool?
by Phil McKraken2 December 14, 2009
To be someone's friend or buddy but used in a cooler slang.
What's going on broski?

Yesterday, I was hanging out with my broskis.
by slapshotman121 July 10, 2008
A west-coast term for a friend especially one who you are hoping will help you out.
Hey broski, get me some chips
by Big-Mango April 23, 2008
the act of having sex with another man's mangina (as in man...gina...as in vagina...as in tucking your junk in between your legs...as in...don't act like you've never done this before.)
Todd celebrated Lance's birthday by getting him drunk on Jager bombs and let him perform a broski on him and the next day they both called eachother gay.
by reverse broski May 18, 2010
a term affiliated with a polish background,brothers,close friendship. Or polish people that have the Ski at the end of their name to sterotype a typical polish last name
yourself:whats the word of the rodziny(family owned) flat(apartment), broski?

sibling:umm rent is gonna raise cuz i zniszczonied(ruined)the trust of our wujek(uncle) when i lived there and took the mirror and ripped out the carpet when I left

by Ciesinski March 03, 2009

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