1. Type 1 Brosef: The most common, sporting brosef. You'll see these brosefs constantly hugging girls and having retarded inside jokes with them. These guys are in it "for the play bro". The most common side affect is physical illness, and vomiting while laughing your ass off. This type usually occurs in younger and more nieve men. Although some of these men might be gay, which it turns out the subject was never a brosef and was merely misdiagnosed.

2.Type 2 Brosef: The Malicious Brosef, a strain of brosef that is untreatable and a truly sickening disorder. These are the most pathetic and desperate brosefs. The public needs to be especially weary of these dispicable morons. They will actively seek to destroy relationships under the disguise of "nice guys" or "friends".

3. Type 3-Brosef Enabler: In general females cannot be brosefs, but most enable brosefs. Many women enjoy the company of a guy who will pay them attention, type one brosefs, no matter what he looks like. These women enable the most dispicable act a man can perform on a women, with rape a close second.
"That tool is such a brosef he's only in it for the puss."
by bobo robo May 18, 2008
A temporary nickiname given to the idiot in the immediate area and setting. Also construes slight aggrivation.
She was my sister, Brosef!

Can also be used in conjuction when saying wassup to somebody: "Yoseph, Brosef."
by Kenny Burks December 11, 2007
brosef is and insult, it doesn't mean friend. jack black uses it as an insult in anchorman, so therefore it is a mean thing to say.
shut your mouth, brosef
by guy mann-dude September 28, 2008
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