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Derived from the term "Brosef." Brosef Stalin is a buzzkill. Someone who ruins other people's good times with his/her presence and/or mannerisms. Generally only stoners would refer to someone as "Brosef Stalin"
"Chill out, Brosef Stalin. You're totally harshing my mellow."
#bro #bra #brosef #brohine #brocakes
by fiz64 February 26, 2009
(acronym) 2 Girls Making Out

A phenomenon which, due to alcohol, college, and reality dating shows, has become virulent across the nation. 75% of all websites with photos of any kind on them have at least one photo of 2 Girls Making Out. 100% of websites having anything related to college whatsoever has several pictures of 2 (or more) Girls Making Out. In fact, some colleges use these photos on their brochures to encourage matriculation. Due to the rampant popularity of this phenomenon, it is sometimes necessary to abbreviate. Can also be pronounced toog-mo
Frat Dude #1: "Dude! 2GMO alert! Over by the keg!"

Frat Dude #2: "Sweet! That's some hot toog-mo action."
#toogmo #toog-mo #2 gmo #toogee emmo #girls
by fiz64 March 21, 2009
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