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Pronounced: Broah

The term used to imply that a guy shares more than 25% genetic material with the hot gal with whom he hangs out. Therefore making it impossible for them to be lovers or in that case at least gross.

It follows the life-embracing philosophy that good looking women are fair game, regardless of how things seem.

Some people may assume that the term implies some kind of envy. They would be correct in their assumption.

Origin: In Scandinavia bror means brother
Person 1: - "Look at the lungs on that girl, I bet she can't see her feet!"
Person 2: - "But who's that guy?"
Person 1: - "Uhr. That's gotta be her bror"
Person 2: - "Why is she doing THAT to her bror?! That ain't right man..."
by UT+Per7 August 18, 2014
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Northern irish slang for 'brother'

pronounced (braw-er)
"my wee bror needs to stop sniffing glue"
by the.bhoy June 03, 2016
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A person of sophistication and comical insight. An individual who is driven. Nordic name combining brawn and a lion's roar.
He's got the presence of a Bror.
by darkvigilante October 22, 2013
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