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Similar to gaydar, bronar is the ability to detect whether someone is a douchebag.
Jeff: Yo, brosef, you heard the new Nickelback track?
Chris: Pong... Pong...
Jeff: What the fuck, dude?
Chris: Sorry, that was my bronar. I'll be right back.
by D-Lines October 19, 2008
A "bro" bonar, often caused by doing or seeing "bro" related things.
Bro 1: Dude, do you like my snapback?
Bro 2: Ya I do, if you couldn't tell from the raging bronar I've got right now
by Broseph Gordon Levitz October 24, 2011
The ability for a dude or gal to detect a bro or douchebro

Similar in the ways girls use gaydar to detect closet homosexuals.
dude just like how submarines use SONAR to detect other submarines, i have really good BrONAR and can easily tell if a dude is a total bro, and really wants to play gamecube and drink natty ice when he says he only wants to "chill"
by Shoelace August 05, 2008
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