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Similar to gaydar, bronar is the ability to detect whether someone is a douchebag.
Jeff: Yo, brosef, you heard the new Nickelback track?
Chris: Pong... Pong...
Jeff: What the fuck, dude?
Chris: Sorry, that was my bronar. I'll be right back.
by D-Lines October 19, 2008
Pronounced ee-stid, is an electronic STD contracted from viewing too much internet porn.

i.e. a computer virus
Your computer is slow as shit! How many fucking E-STDs have you got?
by D-Lines October 19, 2008
noun. Combination of the words 'fucking' and 'retard'. Someone who is so offensively useless and/or stupid, two offensive words must be combined in order to chastise them.
What did you expect, fucktard? You double parked my car in front of a police station!
by D-Lines October 19, 2008
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