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n. A situation in which one was subjected to the asshat antics of a "bro" or bros.
Talking with Mikey was a real brollercoaster.

The Dave Matthews Band concert was a long and shitty brollercoaster ride.
by Al-Mac January 19, 2008
n: a roller coaster full of obnoxious bro's that scream excessively even when the ride has come to a full stop.
Ah damn here comes the broller coaster. Hold your ears.
by Smackkin November 22, 2010
A period of time where two bros are so close, that it seems that they are never apart.
"Dude, you and Bill have been chilling together alot-didn't we used to think he was a douche?"

"Man, we were so wrong about that-I love the guy. He and I are riding the brollercoaster together now."
by Jewbacca501 October 09, 2011
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