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A bro that you chill with for the sole reason that he consistently and reliably has alcohol with him.
"You know that George kid from down the hall? He's so damned annoying man-what were you doing hanging with him last night?"

"You're right, he's annoying as hell-but he's a great booze bro, so I put up with him"
#booze #bro #drink #alcohol #friend #annoying
by Jewbacca501 October 09, 2011
A period of time where two bros are so close, that it seems that they are never apart.
"Dude, you and Bill have been chilling together alot-didn't we used to think he was a douche?"

"Man, we were so wrong about that-I love the guy. He and I are riding the brollercoaster together now."
#bro #roller coaster #bromance #broseph #friends
by Jewbacca501 October 09, 2011
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