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An electric, portable version of the double bass designed in the 1930s and first mass produced in the early 1950s by Fender. Shaped like a guitar but larger, many people mistake the bass as a regular guitar. There are more techniques available to a bassist than a guitarist, like slapping and popping. A bass is often played fingerstyle, like a classical guitar, but some prefer to use a pick for the harder more trebly sound produced.

The bassist's role in a rock or metal band is to provide a rhythmic link between the guitar and drums, creating the foundation for a song. In a lot of avant-garde and jazz genres, the bass is featured as a solo instrument, although rock/metal bassists like Cliff Burton have used the bass in this way. A common misconception of the bass is that guitarists are able to play bass using guitar techniques, but this is untrue. A guitarist using techniques for a guitar would only be able to lay down a very simple bassline. Bassists are often overlooked in a band setting because the guitar has a higher volume and plays the role of the lead instrument in most rock and pop bands.
Some notable bass guitar plays include Jaco Pastorius, Cliff Burton, Alex Webster, and Chris Squire.
by some-random-asshole September 19, 2009
Brokencyde (marketed as brokeNCYDE and also known as BC13) is a 4-piece group from New Mexico that combines crunk and screamo musical styles. Many music listeners despise them, and they get almost invariably bad reviews by magazines and critics. Brokencyde still maintains a fairly large audience of mostly "scene" teenagers, who themselves are often harshly criticized. Their latest album, as of November 2009, is I'm Not A Fan..But The Kids Like It. Brokencyde has garnered intense hatred from all music circles, and is universally regarded as an example of poor music, both lyrically and musically.
Typically found on a music forum:

<Br00t4l-sc3ne88> lol i just got the new brokeNCYDE record
<FenderGuitarist59> You have terrible taste in music
<Br00t4l-sc3ne88> stfu faggot ur music sux cock
<BassMan00 (MOD)> Agree with FG, banned
by some-random-asshole November 01, 2009

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