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A wigger crunk group, they have two people they show the most, more the screamer who is the crunk singer meaning he's going to be shouting shit like "FUCK YOU" in there. Imagine Drake or Jay Sean, then imagine Lil Jon screaming while they're singing, thats Brokencyde. They have two other members who don't show up as often, but they're better then the main members which makes you wonder if they're not featured as much to make the main two guys look bad.

But, yah they're wigger incarnate, they aren't Paul Wall where at least he has some street cred and respect, they're just suburban kids with chains talking about having a hard life and sex.
Oh Baby I love you WRAAAAAAAGGGGGGH IMMA STICK MA DICK IN YA MOUTH Oh lemme touch you! FUCKING BITCH SUCK MY DICK - perfect example of a made up Brokencyde song.
by DunnoAskAgainLaterPLease June 25, 2010
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