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abbr. obviously
You are obv going to give me a dollar.
by Cds November 17, 2003
A line from the song Money for Nothing by Dire Straits. Used by Cole Hutto
money for nothing and your chicks for free
by Cds January 17, 2004
A woman who won't let any other female near a man's penis, whether it be her eyes or hands. In other words, it's a very possessing and controlling girl friend.
I'll be talking to my girlfriend on the phone and she'll hear some girl's voice and be like who the fuck is that? And I'll say it's someone on the TV and she won't believe me. My gf is such a cock hawk.
by Cds January 18, 2006
Abbr. Obviously or obvious
You are a gay faggot. obv.
by Cds February 18, 2003
Someone who just lost a hand (usually in poker) and will bemoan about it to anyone who listens online.

Most of the time, the listeners do not give a shit about the other person's bad beat.

See bad beat
Noob at poker: My 2-7 offsuit lost to AA when the flop came 2-7-9. The turn was a 9!! HOW LUCKY CAN HE GET?

Good person at poker: Like I care.
by Cds April 18, 2005
"What the deuce?" Instead of what the fuck or something overused by that. It is what the deuce.

Coined by Cole Hutto
What the DEUCE is going on?
by Cds January 17, 2004
nickname for alcohol.

Word origin is when Jesse Zeller was at a party in which he drunkenly blurted out, "All You Need Is The Ground". Soon after that, people at that party started calling alcohol, the ground.
Jesse: COLE!!!!
Cole: what?!
Jesse: All you need is the ground
by Cds September 23, 2004
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