someone with no money or income. Or a name for an ugly person with no friends.
you're a broke ass. Look at that broke ass loser over there taking the bus to work..
by Jclss January 05, 2008
1. When something is broken beyond belief

2. The state of being broke
My dog keeps playing with that broke ass tennis ball.

You broke ass motherfucka.

Look as his broke ass cruisin around town in his broke ass Ford.
by Cinny August 20, 2003
Something of lesser quality. A worse version of something else.
You look like a broke ass Captain Planet!
by J Mart May 01, 2006
When one has "busted da bank". In other words is poor or appears as such.
Yo brokeass bioch aint worf shiat!
Ay Jemal, i jus sees yo brokeass bitch, an' think is gonna her skinny ayas a whoppin!
by MrDrSirKingMediocre July 29, 2014
your ass is broken.

no money, pathetic waste of panty space

loves to use women for their money

expects everything to be given to them
hi im a broke ass and i need you to support me.

can i buy me something with your money?

can i borrow some money to buy you something
by cgpm June 13, 2004
1. A person with little means.

2. A person who enjoys the fringe elements of a society.

3. A person with little means who enjoys the fringe elements of a society.
1. She can't pay for dinner, she's a broke-ass.

2. I feel like we should party like a broke-ass tonight; hit up a basement show, maybe go vintage shopping.

3. I'm not only a broke-ass by nesessity, but by choice.
by Broke-ass Harley July 15, 2011
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