The act of striking out. Bro's need to outnumber the chicks at least 4-1. Beers, bud, and boobs are always being discussed or viewed.
Dude, I bro-ed so hard this weekend. We did 6 strikeouts in 2 days and my mind is blown! Bro-ing out is basically the best thing ever.
by White Jewce January 12, 2009
it's an act of doing something with your brother.. ;)
man: hei girl what are you doing??

woman: oh! im broing...

by aniahtuuuuuutttt June 03, 2009
The act of hanging out with your bro's (generally frat dudes). It often entails talk of previous conquests and how awesome their fraternity is. Many of these conversations happen after a night out at bars and consist of reminiscing about the amazing frativities of the past years and the lack of time left in the frat.
Tosh: Ryan, we spent two hours last night fratting after getting home from the bars.

Ryan: Dude, I know I graduate this year and it won't be the same.

Patterson: Yea, you all did some serious bro-ing last night!
by Ryan BL May 21, 2008
A term used to describe a suttle and not interesting topic of which derived from the English word "Boring"
Jen: lets watch the squirrel!
Tom: NO! Thats so broing!
by Jason Ogalamowitz March 05, 2007
A term that is used to mean something is up to the max. Too good for something. Synonym for pimping. When used to describe a person, it means "HOLY SHIT IM GOIN TO BANG HER/HIM".
Example 1
Person 1:"dude, did u see that chick last night at the party?
Person 2: "yeah, she was totally broin"

Example 2
Person 1: "Is it just me, or is California the greatest state in America?"
Person 2: "Yea, California is broing."
by ryman... June 15, 2007
when a guy is in a group of people where there are exponentially more girls than there are guys, or when a guy goes out or hangs out with at least 5 girls and just him.
Matt: dude what did u do last night?

Joey: I didn't have anything to do so i went to dinner with the girls. I was really broing. It sucked.
by mattfofatt01 December 14, 2007
sparkling as in water
would you like broing or still?
by advil February 28, 2005

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