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Varg Vikernes is a true Norse Hero. Killed Euronymous and has a famous quote regarding the murder.
"He died from one stab to the head... Through his skull. I actually had to knock the knife out."
by Advil July 07, 2004
Awesomest villain ever.
If I didn't know any better, I'd think that she and Voldemort have got something going on.. If you catch my drift.
Bellatrix killed Sirius Black by giving him a "stupefy" into the fucking viel!
by Advil April 07, 2004
Villain the the Harry Potter series. He tried to kill Harry at the age of one year, but failed and lost all of his powers and was in hiding for 13 years. According to a prophecy, he will have to kill or be killed by Harry.
Voldemort just Avada Kedavra'd that guy into oblivion!
by Advil April 09, 2004
Islands south of India (I think) that are fucking BEAUTIFUL...
I had my honeymoon at the maldives.
by Advil April 09, 2004
Someone looked this up in an attempt to see if anytone was smarter than them by already adding it.
Shit nigga, I'm one of them people.
by Advil April 07, 2004
Pipe used for smoking crack, sold exclusively at the nations capitol.
nigga please
by Advil April 09, 2004
International whorehouse.
"Dude, I went to the Bam margera message board for three days and RxCate gave me head!"
by Advil April 03, 2004
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